Abstract Submission Instructions

International Patient Experience Summit -2019

Abstract Submission guidelines

Abstracts will be accepted in English only
There is no limit to the number of abstracts you may submit (however an individual may not be offered more than 2 oral presentations)

Abstract Track

  • Abstracts must be allocated to one of the below tracks, based on area of research or initiatives:
  1. How to design empathetic Environments
  2. Patient experience and performance Improvement & Measurement
  3. Cultural considerations in patient experience
  4. Impact of technology and innovative approaches on patient experience
  5. Leadership in patient experience
  6. Patient engagement & empowerment
  7. International best practices and models in patient experience
  8. Health care providers wellness and its impact on patient experience
  9. Holistic initiatives and strategies in chronic diseases and disability
  10. Value based services and programs in healthcare
  11. Lessons learned from Non-Health Care industries to improve patients experience
  • Abstracts submitted to a track that do not match the subject matter of the abstract may be given a low score from reviewers or will be allocated to a most suitable track.

Author’s details and affiliations

  1.  For the Primary Author, list the complete name including a full first name and initials.
  2. Please use English characters when entering names and eliminate any non-English characters such
  3. Enter additional authors into the “Add Co-Author” field.
  4. The submitting author will be notified about the outcome of the review and selection process

 Abstract title

  • The title should be limited to 20 words
  • Capitalize the first letter of all major words in the title
  • Do not use abbreviations in the title. Abbreviations may be used in the abstract body.
  • If the title contains more than one statement, use only one space after a period or colon.


  • Abstracts MUST conform to specific size limits or they will not be reviewed.
  • Abstract will be limited 450 words not including spaces. You should include no more than two images or tables with your abstract.
  • Abstract Body
  • You may use five unique abbreviations in the body of the abstract. Spell out the complete phrase followed by the abbreviation in parentheses the first time the abbreviation is used.
  • Abbreviations are not allowed in the title of the abstract.
  • Do not include the title in the abstract body.
  • Do not include authors and institutions in the abstract body, any author or institution names included in the body will be removed.
  • The abstract must be presented in the following sequence:
    1. Background: In an initial paragraph, provide relevant information regarding the background and purpose of the study, preferably in no more than one or two sentences.
    2. Methods: Briefly state the methods used.
    3. Results: Summarize the results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions.
    4. Conclusion: State the conclusions reached.
    5. Implication on Patient Experience: In one sentence, state the main implications (or significance) of your study on patient experience.
  • Please proofread carefully for factual, spelling, and size errors.
  • Presentation format must be identified  as one of the following:
  1. Oral Presentation
  2. Poster Presentation

Disposition/Notification of Acceptance

You will be sent a notification with the status of your submission via email and directed to registration information if accepted.


To withdraw an abstract, Contact us at scientific.support@pxsummit.org and provide  us the title of the abstract, as well as the primary author’s name. Your notification of withdrawal must be received by  29 October 2018.